Kayak Adventures

with Lazar Popovski



learn new skills

Kayak is a life changing experience. Its goes well beyond technical skills and techniques. Kayaking experiences influence and transform your personal identity.


recreation & youth development

We love paddling and we think you should try it. Learn basic kayak & SUP techniques, take control and enjoy safely on the water. Everyone has a right to learn new skills


one-day trips

Ideal for families, friends & team-buildings. Take a trip away from noises, dust and congestion of urban settings. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and get closer to nature.


rental of equipment

Enroll to at least one kayak lesson and be eligible to rent a top class kayak and SUP equipment. We have top of the class equipment from a world renowned brands.

Activities & Pricing

Kayak Trips

ideal for families and team building

12-23 may 2020

ideal for families and team building

Duration: 0-4 hours + duration of transport to the chosen location
Locations: Veles Lake, Mavrovo Lake, Lake Prespa, Lake Ohrid, Lake Dojran
minimum group 3-5 persons + travel expenses (promotional price)

Kayak Courses

We love paddling and we think you should try it

14-28 may 2015

Kayak Courses for future recreational's and young talents
2-5 persons
Location and date: by agreement.
one-day or three-day Kayak School for beginners

Individual coaching

Kayak is a life changing experience

19-26 may 2015

time: 0-2 hours
Location: on agreement

Rental of equipment

equipment per day

09-20 may 2015

DAG SPY 260 single-kayak - 15 EUR
RTM OCEAN DUO double-kayak - 20 EUR

Kayak Adventures

Our team will find the most appropriate sections for you, where you can safely enjoy and upgrade your kayaking skills