Kayak Trips

ideal for families and team building

Duration: 0-4 hours + duration of transport to the chosen location

Locations: Veles Lake, Mavrovo Lake, Lake Prespa, Lake Ohrid, Lake Dojran 

daily tour 1.500 denars (25eur) per person

minimum group 3-5 persons + travel expenses (promotional price)

Kayak Courses  for future recreational's and young talents

We love paddling and we think you should try it 

Duration: 0-2 hours
2-5 persons

Location and date: by agreement

  • one-day Kayak School 1.000 denars (16 EUR) per person
  • two-day Kayak School 1.600 denars (26 EUR) per person
  • three-day Kayak School Kayak School 2.100 denars (34 EUR) per person

Individual coaching

Kayak is a life changing experience

time: 0-2 hours
Location: on agreement

  • Individual training for one person 20-40 eur                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Rental of equipment per day

Rental space for pick-nick

  • 3.000,00 denars for 1-4 hours Location: Canyon Matka Riverside of River Treska 



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